Shiver Splatoon 3
Image: Nintendo

Last week, we reported on fan speculation that Shiver, a member of the band Deep Cut in Splatoon 3 and one of a trio of new announcers in the game, could potentially be Nintendo's first major non-binary character. Compelling evidence from the recent Splatoon 3 Direct suggested that gender-specific language was deliberately avoided across multiple localised versions of trailers and clips for the upcoming game.

Many fans were pleased to see this small but significant step forward for inclusivity and representation in first-party Nintendo games, and it seemed unlikely to be a coincidence. However, Nintendo has now confirmed that Shiver identifies as female and will use she/her pronouns in the game.

As reported by The Verge, the information was obtained through conversation with Nintendo's senior vice president of development and publishing, Nate Bihldorff. GameXplain was also able to confirm with Nintendo of America that Shiver identifies as female during their preview time with the game.

While some Splatoon fans will be unphased by this confirmation one way or another, there will be others for whom this may come as a disappointment. The game already eschews binary male/female options in its character creator (you're offered different styles rather than a specifically gendered character), but as one of the company's most exciting and — yes — freshest IPs, it felt like the perfect game to introduce a little more diversity into the world of Nintendo.

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