Image: 2K Games

We have been eagerly anticipating news of Netflix's BioShock movie ever since the media giant announced its plans back in February, and last night the studio provided some fresh details by revealing both the film's writer and director.

In a tweet, the streaming service announced that the upcoming adaptation would be directed by Francis Lawrence — whose past credits include I Am Legend and The Hunger Games: Catching Fire — with an original script written by Oscar-nominated screenwriter, Michael Green — known for his work on Logan and Blade Runner 2049.

What has us excited by this announcement is the creatives' past experiences working within the realms of dystopia, a theme that's essential to get right if Netflix is to nail the feel of the BioShock series. As we reported in February, publisher and BioShock IP owners 2K and Take-Two Interactive will be involved in translating the series from game to film — another sign that the atmosphere of the games will hopefully survive the transition between mediums.

While this news points to forward motion on this long-in-development adaptation, these early creative announcements also suggest that there is a long way to go before casting or release date news. That being said, Netflix has proven in the past that it can handle a relatively fast turnaround on certain projects — and the announcement on Netflix's site Tudum states: "BioShock is coming to Netflix soon."

As impatient as we are to learn more, we hope that the creative team will have the time needed to do this right and, hopefully, build a world that will appeal to game fans and new audiences alike.

What do you make of this early development news? Ready for a return to Rapture? Kindly let us know below, would you?