The Bioshock games are on their way to the big screen, as Netflix makes moves to turn the series into a movie. The media giant announced their plans on the 15th February on their nerd-culture-focused "Geeked" Twitter account.

The only information we have at this point is that Netflix, 2K, and Take-Two Interactive are collaboratively involved in turning the Bioshock series into a film adaptation — no word yet on which of the games will be part of the adaptation, when it's scheduled for release, or which role they've already case Chris Pratt as. (That's a joke. We hope.)

Netflix has also secured the rights to Adrian Mole, Space Ace, and Rust — and we wouldn't mind an Adrian Mole video game, if any developers are reading this.

A Bioshock sequel is also reportedly eyeing a 2022 release date, and will be set in a fictional city in 1960s Antarctica. Could this be the year of Big Daddy and friends?

So, tell us: what's your dream cast for a Bioshock movie? And do you think it'll be any good?

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