Publisher Spike Chunsoft has showcased a brand new overview trailer for its upcoming RPG title Made in Abyss: Binary Star Falling into Darkness. The game is set to launch on the Nintendo Switch on September 2nd, so if you're somewhat on the fence about the title at this stage, then hopefully this new trailer will give you some interesting new information to chew on.

As for the trailer itself, it gives a brief rundown of some of the key characters you'll be encountering, along with their respective voice actors (be sure to take note of the rather bizarre creature noise at 0:30), before moving onto the 'Basics of Exploration'. Here, the trailer provides some information on buying and selling items, acquiring new abilities and skills, and... whistles? Sure!

It looks like an interesting cross between Breath of the Wild and Ni No Kuni, and there are definitely some key siilarities with the former: weapon durability, combat, climbing mechanics, things like that.

In a previous update on the title, Spike Chunsoft detailed how the game with make use of the notebook feature, allowing you to record key aspects of your adventure as you progress. We also know roughly how much storage space the game will take up on your Switch and the good news is you probably won't need to invest in a new SD card for this one!

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Are you looking forward to playing Made in Abyss on September 2nd? Has this trailer convinced you to dive in if you're on the fence? Let us know!