Cube Live A Live Remake
Image: Square Enix

For a long time, we didn't think we'd ever see an official localisation of Live A Live, but it's 2022, and we're still pinching ourselves over the existence of the HD-2D remake. Live A Live is brilliant, and we're glad we finally got to experience it, but the game's director (and remake's producer) Takashi Tokita has revealed in an interview that the remake only came about because Nintendo asked if the game could appear on the Wii U's Virtual Console because some people working for the company really liked the game.

The interview (all in Japanese) was shared on ResetEra and summarised by user Jurben. This request from Nintendo encouraged Tokita and Square Enix to dig out Live A Live for the service in 2014.

Live A Live originally came out in September 1994 and the game did hit Virtual Console in 2015, but in Japan only. But if Nintendo hadn't taken an interest in the game back then, we may not have ever seen this fantastic remake. So even if we didn't get the Virtual Console port in the West, we're glad it lead to the 2022 remake, which we thought was rather brilliant in our review:

The interview also revealed a few more tidbits about the making of the remake — Tokita admits that he took Live A Live's episodic structure from NES RPG Dragon Quest IV, which sees you controlling a different main character in every section until everyone comes together in the game's final chapter.

Perhaps Nintendo could remind Square Enix of a few other unusual SNES/Super Famicom RPGs and maybe we'll see them in the future?

Takashi Tokita's interview is below — though it's all in Japanese with no English subtitles.

Are you happy we got the Live A Live remake? Would you have got the game on Virtual Console if it came West back in 2015? Let us know in the comments below!

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