Kirby And The Forgotten Land Key Art With Car
Image: Nintendo

Kirby and the Forgotten Land continues to break Kirby series records for Nintendo and HAL Laboratory. After becoming the most successful Kirby game in the UK ever last week, Nintendo now reports that the latest Kirby game has seen the highest sell-through of any Kirby game to date! This comes from Nintendo's latest financial report, which was published earlier today.

That news means that Forgotten Land has been a pretty fast seller, selling over 4 million units in 15 weeks — pretty big numbers for Kirby! Sitting at 4.53 million sales, that makes this 3D game the second best-selling Kirby game ever.

The only Kirby game ahead of this apocalyptic adventure is the original on the Game Boy — Kirby's Dream Land, which has sold 5.13 million units. We're pretty confident Kirby can suck up the remaining ground to catch up to his sepia-toned origins.

Kirby and the Forgotten Land won't be the only Kirby game releasing this year. Announced just last month, Kirby's Dream Buffet — a Fall Guys-style party game — will be squeezing onto the eShop sometime this summer.

How do you feel about Kirby's reported success? Did you enjoy Kirby and the Forgotten Land? Let us know down below!

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