Monster HUNTER Amiibo
Image: Nintendo, Capcom

A week ago, a GameStop listing suggested its Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak amiibo stock could be arriving in the US at the end of August or early on in September.

It now appears to have locked in the release date for August 26th. Pre-orders aren't being taken just yet. When they are made available, Monster Hunter fans will be able to select from Canyne Malzeno - Palamute, Malzeno and Felyne Malzeno - Palico.

You can learn more about the release of these amiibo in other regions, in our extensive guide. Most recently, the same lot of amiibo got an earlier than expected release in Australia and New Zealand.

Last week, Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak also got its first title update - adding more monsters, randomly generated quests and much more.

If we hear any updates about these amiibo going live at GameStop in the US, we'll let you know. Have you made a spot for these amiibo in your collection? Comment below.

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