Sometimes, you want a game like Xenoblade Chronicles 3 or Elden Ring: One that eats up all your free time, requires careful attention, and takes hundreds of hours to properly understand. Sometimes, you want a game that you can half-pay attention to while you watch Better Call Saul and eat an entire bag of cheese-covered snack items.

Dorfromantik is the latter, and there's absolutely nothing wrong with that. It's a chill, zen, low-stress puzzle game that's all about building a landscape according to gentle rules, and it doesn't hurt that it's lovely to look at. If you enjoyed the satisfying building-plopping Islanders, or the charmingly pointless-but-fun Townscaper, then Dorfromantik will scratch that same brain-itch.

Even though you're just following puzzle rules, the landscapes you create look natural, organic, and beautiful, giving you a feeling of satisfaction even though you didn't really do anything — you know, like when you finish building an IKEA cabinet and you take credit for how nice it looks.

Dorfromantik will be out on the Nintendo Switch on the 29th September, as the first adaptation of the game for consoles, with a launch bonus of a new cherry-blossom-themed biome.