Capcom Street Fighter
Image: Mine Yoshizaki / Capcom

Yes, Street Fighter really is 35 years old. Capcom's first ever fighting game launched in arcades on 30th August 1987, and the company hasn't ever really looked back. It is the fighting game series everyone knows and respects. So it's absolutely deserving of a very stunning website to commemorate the series' 35th anniversary.

Capcom opened the website earlier today and it really is a looker! On the front page, you can filter comments from developers, artists, voice actors, and more. Fan messages are shared on the page, which details people's passion for the series along with which game was their first. And there's a rather nice selection of high-quality art. The comments section is being updated constantly, and you can leave your own message about your love of the Street Fighter franchise over on the page!

Our favourite part has to be the history section, though, which lays out the series' illustrious history in pretty simple detail. How many versions of Street Fighter II are there? Well, here they all are. You can even click on each of the mainline numbered entries to get a little bit more info, along with a trailer or gameplay video.

This is sure to be a celebratory hub for all things Street Fighter, especially with the upcoming release of Street Fighter 6 on PlayStation and Xbox next year. On Switch, we at least got the rather excellent Capcom Fighting Collection this year, which doesn't have many Street Fighter games on there, but it does have a couple of crossovers! But if you're looking for a Street Fighter compilation on Switch, Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection is the way to go.

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