Bandai Namco's upcoming remaster of Pac-Man World is set to hit shelves on August 26th, and to drum up excitement, the studio has revealed the game's opening short movie in which Pac-Man's friends are kidnapped by Inky, Blinky, Pinky and Clyde in a series of Loony Tunes-esque ways.

Fans of the original game will instantly spot the references to the remaster's source material, though Re-Pac's opening demonstrates that the game is more than a simple visual upgrade.

Rather than produce a shot-for-shot remake of the PS1's intro, the new opening is completely original and substantially less horror-inflected than that which came before it. It's true, Pac-Man's friends are still captured, though we don't need to worry for poor little Pac-Buddy in this instance nearly as much as we did in the original where creepy mummified hands drag him into the ground (seriously guys, chill out).

You can watch the original opening below for a true trip down memory lane.

What do you make of this brand new opening? Are you excited for Pac-Man World Re-Pac? Let us know in the comments!