Super Mario Land
Image: Nintendo

Depending on how long you've been gaming, whether or not you remember your very first video game might be a surprisingly tricky question to answer.

Some of you in our lovely Nintendo Life community may be on the younger side, in which case your first game could have been from the GameCube era, or perhaps even the Wii. Others, of course, will need to trawl through the archives for a bit to locate the one; your first gateway into the vast and beautiful world of video games.

This writer's memory is a tad hazy: I remember one of the earliest home consoles I got hold of was the Mega Drive, but I recall playing the Game Boy much earlier, despite not actually owning one at the time. As for the specific game, it's a toss up between Tetris and Super Mario Land - not a bad start, all things considered!

What about you, though? Do you remember your very first game? Be sure to check out the video below where our lovely video team go through their picks, then leave a comment below with your own!