Brook Auto Catch for Pokemon Go
Image: Damien McFerran / Nintendo Life

Ever since Nintendo released the Pokémon GO Plus wristband, we've seen a steady stream of imitators hit the market, keen to capitalise on the desire for a device which allows you to catch 'mon and spin Poké-stops without actually having to extract your phone from your pocket.

Up until now, the best device we've seen is the Go-tcha Evolve, which comes with its own colour screen and doesn't require a charger, as the strap pops off to reveal the USB-A charging connector. However, the presence of that connector means it's not waterproof – so it's not perfect by any means.

However, a new challenger has just arrived in the form of the Brook Auto Catch Lightning, which is a simplified version of Brook's previous effort, the Auto Catch. There's no LCD screen this time, and instead, you're notified by a single multi-colour LED on the face of the device. There's a single button for interaction, too, which is usually limited to powering up the device to make it ready to connect to the Pokémon GO app on your phone. It's one of the most streamlined solutions we've seen.

Like the Go-tcha, the Auto Catch Lightning is a lozenge-shaped device which pops into a rubber wrist band. It's charged using two connectors on the bottom, and requires a special charging lead – so you'll want to be sure you don't lose it. You'll get around 18 hours of use from a single charge. It's worth noting that the unit we were sent refused to charge initially, and we assumed it was faulty. However, the instructions claim that the battery, when not used for prolonged periods, goes into a 'safe mode' and to trigger the charging process you have to remove the charger from a power source repeatedly while holding down the button on the Auto Catch. It took a while for it to work, but this did indeed bring our unit back to life. Phew.

It sports a reasonably inconspicuous design, so if you're self-conscious about being identified as a 'mon catcher then it might be a better bet than the rather obvious Pokémon GO Plus. It's also waterproof, which is a definite bonus.

With a recommended price tag of around $45 / £30, the Auto Catch isn't going to break the bank, but it's perhaps not as cheap as it should be when compared to its rivals. Still, we've been using it for a few days and can report it has been utterly faultless, so if you're on the lookout for a simple Pokémon GO auto-catch companion that's waterproof and fairly discreet, it's a good shout.

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