Never Yield

Super Rare Games continue to be one of the busiest physical game retailers on the planet, with today's announcement that they will be putting action-side-scrolling parkour game Aerial_Knight's Never Yield on a physical cartridge for the first time.

The physical cartridge includes the game, the new levels, music, and modes available in "Da Update", a full-colour manual, interior artwork, a sticker, and trading cards.

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"This project began as just a passion project I started on my own to create something familiar but new for this generation of gamers," said developer Aerial_Knight, "while highlighting aspects of a culture that is often overlooked. I really hope you enjoy the game once its released and follow my journey to create new and interesting games."

4,000 copies of Never Yield will be made available, which go on sale beginning on July 21st at 6pm BST / 10am PDT / 1pm EDT.