Never Yield
Image: Aerial_Knight

Update (15th March):

It has now been confirmed that this update will roll out on Switch on 30th March.

Original Article (26th January):

Aerial_Knight's Never Yield was a high profile Indie release in May last year, a runner with a distinct approach to storytelling and an excellent soundtrack. Though we appreciated its style and premise, in our review we felt there were a few shortcomings that held it back.

Its creator, Neil Jones, was following a lot of player feedback and - along with publisher HeadUp Games - has confirmed 'Da Update', which will be free and add all sorts of improvements; the game is also getting a mobile release. It's a substantial update and resolves some common complaints - it'll add an endless mode, leaderboards, and even more story content and music.

A trailer will come 'soon' to showcase the update, but you can read the details below:

“Da Update” adds a host of free new features to the game and makes huge improvements based on the feedback to the original release. The update includes new bonus levels, new music, a brand new endless mode and the introduction of leaderboards to allow you to compete for high scores. Level and story updates aimed at adding refinement and intrigue to the core game, including a new post-credits ending, mean speeding through this sci-fi version of Detroit is slicker and more satisfying than ever before. Players can also look forward to overhauled UI, graphical improvements, new Trophies and Achievements, Xbox accessibility controller support and hundreds of other smaller tweaks.

We'll keep an eye out for the trailer and a release date.