Speed demons looking for a fast and futuristic fix similar to games like F-Zero and even other series like Wipeout and Fast RMX, can finally download the latest anti-gravity racer Redout 2 on the Nintendo Switch.

Yes, after a series of delays it's here. This is a follow-up to the original title by 34BigThings and is described as a tribute to classic arcade racing systems. It includes a career mode, comprehensive customisation, competitive multiplayer and a "jaw-dropping" soundtrack - with over 51 tracks, 9 of them are licensed.

Our Nintendo Life review is on the way, so keep an eye out for that over next week. In somewhat related futuristic racing game news, there are currently rumours doing the rounds of a potential F-Zero news drop. Try not to get too excited though, as it is just a rumour, and Nintendo hasn't done anything with this particular series in a very long time.

Redout 2
Image: via Nintendo / Saber Interactive

Will you be giving Redout 2 a go now that it's finally available on the Nintendo Switch? Comment down below.