Mario Paint Composer
Image: Nintendo

What's the best part of Mario Paint? No, not the painting! The Composer mode! Who didn't spend hours on Mario Paint making tunes with fire flowers, mushrooms, coins, and boos?

Mario Paint Composer has become something of an online hit in the years since the SNES game's release, with many budding musicians picking up their SNES mouse and creating tunes of their favourite songs and video game tracks. There have also been plenty of downloadable versions and variants of Composer over the years. But, thanks to a tip from reader Erik, we've been pointed in the direction of a browser-based version.

Created on the data visualisation start-up called Observable, 'Mario Music Composer' is a Javascript version of Mario Paint Composer created by Rob Sutcliffe. There's no need to download anything to get it running, just head on over to the website right here and you can get on with making music!

It's just as easy as it is on the SNES — simply drag and drop any of the symbols onto the stave and hit the play button to listen to your creation. And voilà! You could become the next digital music whiz with this!

It's pretty perfect, though it is missing a few symbols present in the SNES version. Still, it's a wonderful slice of nostalgia who spent hours sitting on the floor with their SNES mouse and mat trying to create something palatable for the ears. Thanks for sending this to us, Erik!

Are you a Mario Paint fan? Would you like to see a new Mario music game? Let us know!