Pokemon Ash And Pikachu Reading A Book In Anime
Image: The Pokémon Company

It will come as no surprise to find out that here at Nintendo Life we love Pokémon, but like many part-time trainers, we also love a good book. It's often difficult to bridge between these two worlds, but these Pokémon bookmarks from Moko's Makery on Etsy manage to do just that.

As flagged on Twitter by @PokemonBeWillin, seeing your favourite Pokémon taking a little nibble of your page is everything that an avid reader/Nintendo fan can dream of! With examples ranging from Charizard to Gyarados, we are seriously impressed by the creativity that has gone into these designs.

There is nothing worse than getting sand in your book, but a Sandshrew? We could certainly deal with that. There are a few more simple designs like Wobbuffet, Teddiursa and Totodile, but others like Samurott, Sylveon, and Moltres take things up another level.

You can choose from 23 different designs in total, and we've included all the links you need below. For those of you who are prone to having multiple books on the go at once (like some of us), this is the perfect excuse to build a team of perfect Pokémon bookmarks.

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Mokobuns, who owns Moko's Maker, has also done some other Pokemon merchandise in the past

Which bookmark will be your starter? Let us know your line-up in the comments below!

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