Shy Guy
Image: Nintendo

With Princess Daisy's popularity and somewhat, erm, internet-endearing animations in Mario Strikers: Battle League, we feel like Shy Guy's introduction into the game has been unjustifiably forgotten about. Worry no longer Shy Guy fans — we've got your backs.

Thanks to @Reecee_yt on Twitter, we can now see that everyone's favourite mumbling mask-wearer actually has some callback animations of his own. You see, the appeal of Shy Guy is all about awkwardness, and nothing screams his signature sense of dread, confusion, and cuteness quite like being carried away — Up-like — by a bunch of balloons.

As the Tweet rightfully points out, this score celebration from Shy Guy is a reference for fans of the first game in Mario's RPG franchise, Paper Mario. We just hope that the little guy can get down without the need of three well-placed darts. You can check out the animation in the timestamped video below.

Both Shy Guy and Daisy have been introduced in Mario Strikers: Battle League's first free update alongside new stadiums and gear.

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