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Mario has never really been one for obeying the laws of physics (jumping twice your height in those shoes? Pull the other one!), and Mario Strikers: Battle League continues that Mushroom Kingdom trend. With its hyper strikes coming to dominate the game's marketing, it is no surprise that Nintendo Europe's recent tweet showcasing Daisy's signature finisher has about as much real-world physical plausibility as a Michael Bay movie.

Perhaps more surprising is how the move features one of Daisy's, erm, less sport-based attributes. More surprising to us, that is — following some research that tainted our browsing history somewhat, it seems Daisy has form in this... area (ahem), at least where soccer is concerned.

What are we getting all flustered about, you ask? As you'll see in the tweeted video above, after performing a series of flicks and step-overs, Daisy sets up her Final Smash-style hyper strike with what can only be described as a 'butter'. Think of the required movement for a header but with, well, you get the picture.

We thought it might have been a handball for a moment, but nope — no hands involved there. Hey, there's nothing in the rules against using your derrière to control the ball, the ref can't have you for that! As seen in the demonstration video, the strike itself — the 'Flower Spiral' — does just what it says on the tin, wiping out all defensive players in blooming marvellous, rabona fashion.

The brilliant new animation has been received enthusiastically online, not least as it seems this could be a subtle callback to one of Daisy's smokin' victory poses in the Wii entry, Mario Strikers Charged, an animation that created a very particular sort of specialist fandom around the ruler of Sarasaland which can't be reproduced on a family-friendly site:

@LDMythos summed it up accurately in one of the few quote tweets that we can embed here:


Yes, it would seem so.

Both Daisy and Shy Guy will be added as playable characters when the Mario Strikers: Battle League update drops on 21st July for North America and on the 22nd for Europe.

Are you excited to play as Daisy when the update is released? Let us know in the comments.

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