Pretty Cloud
Image: Square Enix

Does that iconic Final Fantasy 7 scene in Wall Market plague your dreams? Do you wish that you could spend every day looking at the ridiculously attractive Cloud Strife all dressed up in a nice gown for plot reasons? Yeah, Square Enix knows.

Their newest statue is the lovely Cloud in the dress that he wears in the Final Fantasy VII Remake — which, admittedly, is not on Switch, but you don't have to be console agnostic to appreciate a well-dressed lad, right? And although the non-remake original is on the Switch, the dress isn't nearly as pretty.

The figure stands at just under 11 inches tall, and comes with a bunch of hands for Cloud to display all sorts of fist-based emotions, as well as a different head with a sliiiiiightly different pained expression. Bless him, he's not got a lot of looks. The arms and head are poseable, allowing you to recreate his coy, hands-clasped pose from the game.

You can also buy a figurine of the original, low-poly Cloud (although it comes with an NFT digital certificate of authenticity), plus the matching protagonists-in-dresses figurines of Aerith and Tifa. Aerith comes out in August 2022, Tifa comes out in October 2022, and Pretty Cloud comes out in July 2023, so it'll be a while until they're all together.

Would you spend $200 to have Cloud in a dress on your nerd shelf? Tell us in the comments... Or don't, if you're as shy as Cloud!