Image: Nintendo

Have you ever been so enraged by the abilities of your CPU Mii opponents in Wii Sports that you wanted nothing more than to engage them in sword combat? Well, today's your lucky day!

A button code has been added to Nintendo Switch Sports, and it lets you do just that. Seemingly included in the game's latest update, you can now challenge some of the franchise's most notorious opponents — yes, we're looking at you Matt — in offline mode. This time, it's personal.

Like many games that have come before it, this option is made available through a sneaky button code that you will have to input when selecting your event difficulty. As pointed out by @OatmealDome on Twitter, you are required to press down both L and ZL (or R and ZR) at this stage to be able to face your nemesis in combat.

Playing against Switch Sports' updated-looking Miis is all well and good for those new to the game, but this throwback option to bring Matt out of retirement gives the game a much-needed nostalgic spin — at least, that's what our competitive spirit tells us.

Are you excited to give this new opponent option a go? Let us know your personal Mii grudges down in the comments!

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