NIS America is finally bringing the Kiseki series' Crossbell games to the West later this year. The first of this duology — The Legend of Heroes: Trails from Zero — gets over the barrier on 27th September in North America (and 30th September in Europe), and in anticipation, the publisher has shared a closer look at the game's combat (thanks, Gematsu!).

Taking a step forward from Trails in the Sky's combat, Trails from Zero lets your characters team up in battle to carry out Combo Crafts, special attacks that utilise two characters' skills. The Falcom-developed turn-based RPG also features an enhanced version of the Quartz system from the Liberl games — which are only available on PSP (FC and SC) and PC (FC, SC, and the 3rd) currently in the West.

Despite being the fourth game in the series, only two of the Trails of Cold Steel games — III and IV, which are entries eight and nine in the Kiseki series — are available on the Switch in North America and Europe. Zero will be the third game available on the system, and its direct sequel — Trails to Azure — will be the fourth.

Check out the new gameplay trailer above to get a feel for this classically-inspired RPG, and get ready for a political conflict that threatens the very nature of Crossbell.

Are you looking forward to Trails from Zero? Have you played any of the other Kiseki/Trails games? Let us know!