NISA Europe has released a brand new trailer for the upcoming The Legend of Heroes: Trails from Zero which introduces us to the Special Support Section — the main cast in the fourth game in the Kiseki/Trails series. Originally released in Japan on the PlayStation Portable in 2010, this upcoming Switch port marks the game's first official English release in the West.

These "new protectors of Crossbell" are Lloyd Bannings, a rookie detective who fights with duel tonfas; Elie MacDowell, the pistol-wielding granddaughter of the mayor of Crossbell City; Tio Plato, master of orbal technology (magic) and a child genius; and Randy Orlando, a flirt and battle-hardened halberd fighter.

If you've played Trails of Cold Steel III or IV on Switch, then you're bound to recognise a few of these faces, however this will give some background on everything that happened in Crossbell before the events of the later Cold Steel games.

Trails from Zero is out on Switch on 27th September in North America and 30th September in Europe, with a direct sequel — Trails to Azure — due out in. You can also snag yourself a special edition of the game.

Let us know if you're excited to visit Crossbell this September!