Sky High Sundae
Image: Nintendo

Today's long-awaited Mario Kart announcement finally pulled into the pitstop! Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Booster Course Pass Wave 2 has arrived and brought with it a host of iconic circuits that we have never had to chance to race on Switch. One of the new additions, however, is Sky-High Sundae — an entirely original track that will be landing as a part of Wave 2 on August 4th.

Quick into action, Nintendo has already begun sharing details of this sweet-looking course. The tweet below showcases some of the delightful sugary sights that we are going to be racing past next week. The ice cream theme is so in your face that we are almost suffering from brain freeze!

It looks so tasty, we could eat it! There's chocolate dripping down and ice lollies adorning the sky, and it all looks awfully colourful too. There's even an ice bar at the starting line.

But that's not all from Nintendo on Sky-High Sundae (where was this mushroom-boosted speed when we were awaiting the announcement?) as the Big N also shared that will be entirely driven using Mario Kart 8 Deluxe's anti-gravity mode. Better watch out for some ice-cold collisions and slippery slopes on this one.

The all-new track — which will also be joining Mario Kart Tour in the future — comes alongside classic returners Mushroom Gorge and Waluigi Pinball among others. For all information on the latest Booster Course Wave news, be sure to check out our complete rundown here.

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