Epic Games has announced the next event in its battle royale platformer, Fall Guys, titled 'Clan Of Yeetus'.

The event will be starting later on this week and will run from 28th July until 1st August. Rather than introducing new courses, the event will see some of the game's classic routes awash with giant hammers which we are certain will have us tearing our hair out as we we attempt to navigate them.

Check out the summary of the event from the Fall Guys blog below.

The Clan of Yeetus event is smashing its way into the Blunderdome. Some of our Rounds have been overrun with huge spinning hammers! And it’s up to you to dip, duck, dive and dodge them across multiple Rounds—all to become the ultimate bonk champ!

The event will be packed with levels you know and love from the Fall Guys universe. But each one will get new and exciting twists and turns. A helluva lot of hammers that’ll knock you flying if you give them half a chance.

These obstacles will not be without reward however, and you can expect to find a host of new prizes for those keen to nail the tricky hammers.

All work and no reward? Oh, wait, there are rewards… Oh wow there’s a lot of rewards. Here’s what you could unlock by defeating the hammer-infested rounds:

  • Clan of Yeetus Nickname - 100 Points
  • 200 Kudos - 200 Points
  • Yeetus Pass Nameplate - 500 Points
  • Aspiring Yeeter Pattern - 700 Points
  • Packing Yeet Wearable Backpack - 800 Points

There will also be an adorable Yeetus costume available to buy in the Fall Guys Store for the duration of the event!

With only a few days to earn these limited edition prizes, you better get your running shoes on come the 28th.

Are you excited to give this new event a go? Fall on down to comments to let us know!

[source fallguys.com]