The latest Fall Guys collaboration is just about to kick off and it's a proper cute one, folks. Announced via its official website, the game will be welcoming adorable Pusheen outfits into the fold between July 14th and July 18th, so that's a pretty small window of opportunity if you're looking to bag one yourself!

Here's the official announcement:

You have GOT to be kitten me… Pusheen® is coming to Fall Guys! Perhaps the cutest outfits we’ve ever had in the Blunderdome. It’s Pusheen® and Super Pusheenicorn™! Those sweet little faces! Those whiskers! Just look at them!!!

They’re the purr-fect wardrobe attire. And they’ll make you a formidable opponent on the obstacle course.

Finally, bean meets toe-beans, it was meant to be!

Pusheen® - 800 Show-Bucks
Super Pusheenicorn™ - 800 Show-Bucks

Image: Epic Games

Are you going to be grabbing a Pusheen outfit for your own little Fall Guy person thing? Let us know!