Touch Detective

You'd be forgiven for never having heard of the Touch Detective games before (although some of you will no doubt know it, since you clicked on the title and all). The original game was released in Japan on DS in 2006, and made it to Europe and America shortly after.

It's a point-and-click detective adventure — and there were certainly a fair few of those on the DS — with an art style reminiscent of others in the genre, like Tangle Tower, Professor Layton, and pretty much anything else in the Level-5 catalogue.

But it's made by developer Beeworks, a Japanese developer that's spent the past few years making games featuring Touch Detective's Funghi, a little mushroom lad who's very popular in Japan.

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Now, they're putting together a collection of many of the Touch Detective games for Nintendo Switch, which includes:

  • Touch Detective
  • Touch Detective 2 ½
  • Touch Detective Rising 3: Does Funghi Dream of Bananas?
  • Funghi the Escaper (additional content released for the mobile version of Touch Detective)
  • Funghi the Interviewer (additional content released for the mobile version of Touch Detective)
  • Touch Detective Encyclopedia (a collection of over 500 digital materials including concept art, sketches, and character art)

The collection is releasing in Japan as both a digital and physical game on October 6th, 2022. It will cost 5,280 yen, and only includes Japanese in the language options.

Would you buy this if it came out in English? Let us know in the comments!