After years of delays, Digimon Survive is finally out at the end of this month. And publisher Bandai Namco has shared a brand new trailer today showing us what to expect from the game.

Part visual novel, part strategy RPG, Digimon Survive is all about uncovering mysteries, interacting and making friends with Digimon, and surviving. Trapped on a mysterious island, you can explore to talk to people and search for clues by selecting an area on the world map. You'll have a phone-like device with you at all times too, which will enable you to scan for glitches.

And in true visual novel style, you'll have the chance to chat, not only with people but with the Digital Monsters you meet on the island. Your choices will affect your relationships with your friends and the Digimon, and with the latter in particular, certain responses and affection levels might lead them to Digivolve!

In battle, you can also talk to your Digimon pals to encourage them, heal them, and help them. You can also talk to the opposing Digimon, where you'll have the chance to recruit new allies. But sometimes, you'll have to fight, and all of your favourite Digimon from the show will be present to use in strategy RPG battles. Environment and positions are crucial for doing critical damage.

You can watch the short trailer at the top to see how everything comes together, but we're getting more excited the more we see on Digimon Survive. July is a fantastic month for Japanese RPGs, and we don't really know what to do with ourselves!

Digimon Survive launches on 29th July on Switch. What do you think of the combat and dialogue segments? Let us know down below!

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