The sequel to the vastly underrated AI: The Somnium Files is almost here, and with it comes a little more information on what to expect. We've already seen some of the new Somnium psyncing features, the cast members, and we spoke to the game director himself to find out more about the returning characters, the developing story, and the new mechanics in the game, and now we have even more teaser info.

Ahead of the release on June 24th, developer Spike Chunsoft has revealed more extras included in nirvanA Initiative: Eyeballie, and the bonus content "Tama's Room" and "Aiba's Room".

Unnamed (23)

Eyeballie seems like a cross between a Tamagotchi pet and a strange dialogue puzzle:

"Eyeballie is a mini-game where you'll raise a mysterious creature. Every 20 minutes the curious Eyeballie will ask you a question. You'll respond by choosing one of four answers. Eyeballie uses your answers to grow, but how Eyeballie develops depends on your answers."

Aiba's Room and Tama's Room are more straightforward. Much like the DLC content in recent Ace Attorney games, nirvanA Initiative lets you unlock costumes for Aiba and Tama, the AI companions for the two protagonists, which they will wear in the main game. Aiba and Tama also serve as AI life counselling, and you can talk to them about your woes.

New costumes for Aiba and Tama can be unlocked in the main game by completing the storyline and "satisfying certain conditions during a Somnium". You can then purchase unlocked outfits by finding eyeballs in the game's Somniums, then spending them on the outfit you want.

AI: The Somnium Files - nirvanA Initiative will be out on the Nintendo Switch on June 24th in North America, and July 8th in Europe and Oceania.