Nintendo Switch
Image: Nintendo Life

If you've been having online difficulties with your Nintendo Switch earlier today, it's not just you. Nintendo's network services have been experiencing some problems - supposedly preventing users from not only accessing the Switch eShop but also launching applications and certain digital games from the home menu.

Nintendo appears to have resolved this problem after a number of hours - issuing the following notices over time on its customer support Twitter account:

Currently, a network failure is occurring due to the use of download software on Nintendo Switch. We apologize for the inconvenience, but please wait for a while until the restoration.

Currently, Nintendo Switch is carrying out emergency maintenance of the Nintendo eShop. We apologize for the inconvenience, but please wait for a while until the maintenance is completed.

The troubles related to the use of download software, etc. that occurred around 05:30 on June 5 have been recovered. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Nintendo dataminer OatmealDome goes into a bit more detail about what exactly was going on behind the scenes:

[Nintendo eShop]

It appears that Nintendo’s “e-license” (DRM) servers are having problems today. This problem appears to have been ongoing for a few hours now. I’ve seen reports of users not being able to access the eShop or start digital software due to license checks failing.

Did you experience any problems accessing your games earlier today? Leave a comment down below.

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