Image: Nintendo Life

Nintendo has actively demonstrated on numerous occasions just how much it strives for perfection in its games. Just recently, we highlighted a clever easter egg tucked neatly away in the latter potion of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild in which an additional scene would play out if you take a photo of a specific in-game map. Now, it's Super Mario Odyssey's turn under the spotlight.

As highlighted by Twitter user Supper Mario Broth, you'll notice that the Toad characters found in the Mushroom Kingdom are all donning hats. If you speak to one of them, it will state that Peach brought them back with her from the Moon as a souvenir. In a rather clever detail, if you zoom in on the Toad characters prior to Peach's return, you'll notice that they're not yet wearing any hats, because they haven't been given them yet!

What a lovely display of Nintendo's eye for detail! Of course, we could also be completely cynical and chalk it up to the hat models not rendering at such a distance, but we've a feeling Nintendo added this little detail into the game on purpose. After all, it narratively makes sense, right?

It's great to be reminded consistently of just how much work Nintendo puts into its games. Details like this could easily have been left out, and we'd wage the vast majority of players probably missed it entirely regardless. Well, now you know!

What do you think of this little Super Mario Odyssey easter egg? Have you found any others that you'd like to highlight? Let us know!