Although E3 isn't taking place this year, there are still plenty of things going on in the video game industry this week - with events like the Summer Game Fest. So how about a fan-made one to top it off?

The Mother / EarthBound fan website Mother Forever will tomorrow be airing its very own Mother Direct - delivering 50 minutes of fan projects and even Mother-like indies. You can click on the video above (or below) to see a brief trailer.

"50 minutes of #MOTHER / #EarthBound fan projects and Motherlike indies delivered directly to you! New games, exclusive looks, and projects released that day!"

If you're still at all confused about what exactly this Mother Direct will feature - here's a brief explanation via the Mother Forever website, which also reiterates how there's no association with Nintendo, Shigesato Itoi or various other related parties.

"A Mother Direct is an annual presentation hosted by Mother Forever and filled with all kinds of projects related to or inspired by the MOTHER series in a presentation format! A Direct features both fan-related projects based directly off of MOTHER (like videos, ROM hacks, or translations) and Motherlike indie games with their own new worlds, characters, and more separate from the MOTHER series, but with that MOTHER kind of feeling."

You can see past versions of the 2021 and 2020 Mother Direct over on Mother Forever's website.

Of course, if you're looking for something a little more official, earlier this year Nintendo made EarthBound and EarthBound Beginnings available on its Switch Online service. Provided you've got a subscription, you can play those right now!

Will you be tuning into this upcoming Mother broadcast? Would you like to see Nintendo revive this series one day? Leave your thoughts down below.