Donkey Kong Country Returns DK And Diddy Kong
Image: Nintendo / Retro Studios

Donkey Kong has been a mainstay in the Mario series for an extremely long time. The name was first given to the ape who wreaked havoc in the original Donkey Kong arcade game (who we now know to be Cranky Kong), but the Donkey Kong we now know and love is the son of Donkey Kong Jr.

This dapper tie-wearing ape has been around since Rareware's Donkey Kong Country, and he's been fighting Kremlings, guarding bananas, and enjoying some sports with his grandfather's rival every once in a while ever since. But it sounds like DK's family also enjoyed a spot of travelling.

In an officially licensed activity book from fast-food chain Burger King and Nintendo from 2002, there's a curious question that asks where Donkey Kong was born. The options are maybe not what you'd expect, either, and are much closer to home. But for us at Nintendo Life, Burger King and Nintendo point very close to home as the birthplace of Donkey Kong.

Sounds like Donkey Kong might just enjoy tea and scones — or perhaps a spot of banana bread? The UK isn't the first place we'd guess, but that flashy tie obviously gives it away, right?

The second part of the answer is what gets us, though. Donkey Kong was born in the UK, but he now lives on Donkey Kong Island. This means that the events of Donkey Kong Country happened in this world. The series covers events that have happened.

Of course, we're being a bit silly here, but it's amusing to think about why Nintendo and Burger King chose the United Kingdom as the ape's birthplace for this activity book. Well, if he ever wants to visit again, we'd welcome him with open arms here at Nintendo Life Towers!

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What do you think of this revelation? Do you remember this activity book? Let us know!