Indie point-and-click powerhouse Wadjet Eye Games is bringing its next point-and-click game straight to the Switch! The developer of Unavowed and Primordia has teased its upcoming title Old Skies, which is set in the same universe as the developer's Blackwell series.

Originally born out of a game jam in 2019, Old Skies features a time-travelling agent who visits places in the past on the behalf of paying clients. There will be seven missions each set in a different time period, and you'll have to carry out missions and solve puzzles to keep your clients happy.

Here's what Wadjet Eye Games has to share about the game from the press release.

About Old Skies

For Fia Quinn, hopping through time is just another day on the job. Join this ChronoZen time agent for seven missions with clients who have the desire (and the bank accounts) to sightsee in the past.

Some are simply curious. Others have unfinished business. And they've all put down a lot of money for the trip, so it's vital to keep them happy while ensuring they follow the rules. What could go wrong? It's only time travel, after all.

- Seven time periods to explore, from Prohibition-era speakeasies to the criminal underworld of the Gilded Age to the World Trade Center on September 10, 2001.
- High resolution 1920x1080 graphics. (That's three times higher than Unavowed!)
- Puzzles that require temporal thinking to solve.
- Death! You CAN die in this adventure game, but time travel means you can try again. And again. And again.
- Musical score by Thomas Regin, the composer for Unavowed and the Blackwell series.
- Professional voice acting with Wadjet Eye's largest cast yet.

The time periods Fia will travel to range from the Gilded Age of the late 1800s to the 1920s and the Prohibition era, right up to 2001. And no two missions will be the same.

The game doesn't have a release date yet, but you will be able to play a demo of Old Skies from 13th June as part of Steam Next Fest. You can check out the game's Steam page here.

Given Wadjet Eye Games' pedigree in the point-and-click genre, if you're a fan of these kinds of games, you won't want to miss Old Skies. We'll let you know as soon as we have a release date on Switch!

Let us know if you'll be keeping an eye on Old Skies in the comments!