We've got some more Sonic Frontiers footage today as part of IGN's month-long series. After Wednesday's divisive exploration gameplay, maybe some combat will help pick up the pace for the blue blur's upcoming open-world game?

This time we get to see Sonic go up against enemies we've not seen the likes of before. This is also the first time we've seen the blue blur trade some blows in Frontiers' new world. From the 6 minutes of footage, it looks like Sonic can home in on enemies, punch, kick, and circle them.

But these... robots? What are they? Weird congregations of orbs, spikey humanoid-like things, towering structures. It's all going to take us a moment or two to get used to. We admit, fighting a huge machine that's about 50 times the size of Sonic by taking out each of its legs, then climbing up it to take out its arms, only to keep battering it until it explodes, is satisfying. But despite some of these cool moves, Sonic's punches and kicks look pretty stiff, and there's something off about the way the rings come back to him.

Well, at least that piano music is really lovely. Combat music though? Maaaaybe not.

Is this a step in the right direction for fans? We've still got a few more weeks of Sonic Frontier updates to come from IGN, and it's only the second gameplay trailer we've seen so far, so time will tell.

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Has this changed your opinion of the game so far? Are you hopeful that we'll see more improvements over the month? Let us know in the comments!

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