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Image: Fangamer

Back in 2019, Fangamer launched a rather lovely-looking set of Banjo-Kazooie goodies that was hard for some of us here at Nintendo Life to resist. Within that collection was a gorgeous vinyl set for the first game with tracks curated by the composer himself, Grant Kirkhope!

Of course, us Banjo fans expected Banjo-Tooie to get the same treatment — same composer, even more bloomin' marvellous music, and all that. We've had to wait a bit longer, but finally, the sequel's music has now been immortalised in beautiful vinyl form.

Priced at $64 — which is the same as the first game's set — Banjo-Tooie's soundtrack box set has been as lovingly put together as its predecessor. From the skeletal Gruntilda, next to her sisters, holding up the blackboard (you can see her feet at the bottom) to the six Jinjos taking to the stage alongside the bird and bear duo and Mumbo, the cover is enticing and full of the game's cartoony energy.

But it's the sleeves again that do it for us! You can spot many of Banjo's transformations on the sleeves; there's a t-rex from Terrydactyland, the detonator from Glitter Gulch Mine, and the van from Witchyworld (among all of the others). You can also spot the funfair level's boss, Mr. Patch, Lord Woo Fak Fak from Jolly Roger's Lagoon, and every button-masher's nightmare Canary Mary. We're being selective, but this is a celebration of Banjo-Tooie — pretty much everyone is here!

Here's a bit more of a detailed look, and if this doesn't make you go "guh-huh!", then we don't know what to say.

You can order yourself a copy from Fangamer's US store right here, where the Banjo-Kazooie vinyl set is also back in stock! There's also a lovely, brand new Slipmat for you Banjo collectors out there for $12.

EU readers, don't be too dismayed — while the European Fangamer store doesn't have either of these in stock yet, you can sign up for notifications to find out when they'll be available. Or you can pre-order both collections from Black Screen Records or chipfreq at Vinyl Guru, where they each cost £64.99 / €69.00.

Will you be getting jiggy with this latest vinyl collection? Let us know in the comments!