Fangamer Banjo Kazooie

Gaming merchandise company Fangamer has unleashed a new set of goodies for its growing Banjo-Kazooie collection, and we're having a hard time staying away from the 'buy now' button.

Perhaps the star of the show is a brand new 4-LP box set of Grant Kirkhope’s magical soundtrack, but you'll also find a new t-shirt, scarf, Jiggy plush, and more. We'll give you the link to check out the entire Banjo range (you'll find that here) and pop a few photos for you below.

Fangamer is based in the US but ships pretty much everywhere, so we're hopeful you'll be able to snag yourself an order if you like what you see. While you're at it, fancy buying us one of those Jiggy plushes?

Feel free to Guh-huh in excitement in the comments below.