Publisher Microids has unveiled Aesir Interactive's newest game, Horse Tales - Emerald Valley Ranch. This lovely-looking game sees you raise an equine friend and adventure around lush open fields and ruins that look a little bit like Zelda: Breath of the Wild's Hyrule — in a good way!

In Horse Tales, you need to restore the Emerald Valley ranch, a run-down family estate. You can decorate it, restore buildings such as stables and care facilities, and improve all of the amenities. But the world is perhaps the most captivating part. The surrounding area is enchanting and mystical, with secrets tucked away, and you can gallop across stunning beaches. charming forests, and lovely lagoons with your trusty horse.

Taming and training horses is one way you can expand on your ranch, but you can also breed them. Every horse you find in the wild possesses unique traits and abilities and needs to be cared for individually — not every horse will enjoy excessive training!

With your horse at your side, you can explore the world and complete missions, whether it's gathering resources for the ranch or helping out friends. Will you be able to rebuild the ranch to retain your family's legacy?

Horse Tales - Emerald Valley Ranch is coming to Switch this winter both as a digital and physical release. If you want a more chilled Breath of the Wild open-world experience, this might be the one for you. And who can resist those adorable horses!

You can watch the debut trailer of the game above and lose yourself in this beautiful-looking world ahead of the game's launch in Winter 2022. And let us know what you think of the game in the comments!