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It's quite the task to localise a game. It's even more of a task to localise a narrative game. But a game like Disco Elysium, which contains around 1.2 million words, many of them complex political, psychological, and fictional concepts, it's probably near-impossible.

Nevertheless, it has been done. Developer ZA/UM has announced that the Japanese version of Disco Elysium: The Final Cut will be heading to PC, PlayStation, and Steam simultaneously on the 25th August, 2022.

Spike Chunsoft, a Japanese publisher and developer known for the Zero Escape and Danganronpa series of games, will be publishing the Japanese localisation of the game on both Switch and PlayStation.

It appears as though the voice acting will remain in English, with the text translated, as ZA/UM has done with other localised languages.

Do you want to learn some really specific Japanese vocabulary through playing video games? Is Disco Elysium a good way to do that? Let us know in the comments.

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