Splatoon 3 Splatsville
Image: via Inkipedia / Nintendo

Nintendo has given a little peek at a brand new map coming to Splatoon 3 when the game splats onto Switch later this year, and it's one that's hidden under the game's main hub, Splatsville.

This underground area is known as the Undertow Spillway, an abandoned area underneath the city that's recently been renovated into a place perfect for Turf Wars. While metallic and grey throughout, stickers, overgrowing wildlife, and white writing are dotted throughout the area. And any paint you throw at your rivals and the ground pops against the more muted tones.

There are plenty of places where you can hide and gain advantages against your foes, and while the below clip doesn't show us any action, we get a good idea of what this new location will look like.

We'll probably get to see a few more stages before Splatoon 3's release on the 9th September, but there are plenty of other new things coming alongside some new weapons and stages. For one, it sounds like we might be able to have our own apartment in the game according to a tweet from Nintendo last month. We've also seen some brand new designs for the game's Octolings.

What do you think of the Undertow Spillway? Let us know your thoughts on Splatoon 3 in the comments!

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