It's been a long time coming, huh? After its initial announcement several years back (heck, we even signalled its eventual Switch launch back in 2017), The Legend of Bum-bo has finally bagged itself a release date for Switch.

A prequel of sorts to The Binding of Isaac by Edmund McMillen, The Legend of Bum-bo will finally see the light of day on June 29th for the price of $19.99. In terms of gameplay, it's a roguelike tile-matching puzzle game in which you move through a total of four levels, each of which is made up of multiple rooms. You'll come face-to-face with a range of grotesque beasties and will need to match tiles in order to defeat them.

Here's a list of features from publisher Nicalis (note the very important final feature):

- Over 125 unique items that can be modified and upgraded.
- Over 80 unique trinkets that give neato passive abilities.
- Seven playable Bum-bos, each with their own unique abilities.
- 13 ugly-yet-cute bosses.
- Over 40 despicable enemy types.
- Amazing music by Ridiculon.
- Loads of unlockables.
- Animated cutscenes that will make you feel bad.
- Poop!

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