Beelieve it or not, there's a game on the way that's all about our honey-making, pollinating friends, the humble bumblebee. It's called APICO, and it's a simulation game that tasks you with the running of an apiary — that's a house for bees — and discovering all the bee species along the way.

As part of the announcement, developer TNgineers have also revealed a limited edition cushy, fluffy, fleecy bee plushie called Beeatrice. She's beeing funded through Makeship, which means you have just 17 days to decide if you want to buy one before she's gone forever!

The game is currently available on multiple PC storefronts, but today it's been announced that the Nintendo Switch version will be coming on July 7th, 2022. The game will have cross-platform play for up to four players, so you can bee with your friends.

TNgineers is also supporting the #SaveTheBees campaign, which means donating a portion of sales towards bee-oriented charities. You can find out more and donate here.