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Earlier this year, popular YouTube video game music channel GilvaSunner closed shop after Nintendo sent tons of copyright claims to them. And now another popular YouTube channel is suffering a similar fate.

DeoxysPrime has revealed that they received over 500 copyright claims from Nintendo. As a result, they've decided to remove all of Nintendo's music from their channel, which is no doubt disappointing to many! DeoxysPrime put out a statement over on Twitter following the copyright claims:

Effective immediately I will be removing all Nintendo music from my channel. With 500+ claims and more than a dozen soundtracks blocked over the last week it’s pretty clear they don’t want their music on YouTube.

I have no intention of deleting my channel and the rest of my non-Nintendo soundtracks will remain up for the foreseeable future. It's frustrating but as I've said before it's ultimately their choice to have their music blocked on the platform.

Best of luck to anyone still holding out having Nintendo music on YouTube. So many of those soundtracks have never gotten official releases. But like how bigger channels than mine have gotten hit before eventually those who take their place will end up like this too.

The YouTuber also shared a rough list of soundtracks that they had to remove:

Fortunately, DeoxysPrime isn't deleting their channel, so we'll still be able to get our fix of Sonic music, alongside a plethora of other game music from Mega Man, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game, Shantae and the Pirate's Curse, among many others.

On their channel, DeoxysPrime added to their statement with an understanding response to Nintendo's claims: a general reminder, if you do see any soundtracks on my channel removed, it's always safe to assume it was for copyright reasons. Be respectful of their right to do this but also please continue to push Nintendo to release their music in official formats, because there's no reason these soundtracks should have to disappear forever. Thank you.

This follows the news that The Pokémon Company shut down its Diamond & Pearl Sound Library earlier this week, though the official soundtrack is still available to listen to on YouTube.

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