Switch Sports
Image: Nintendo

Nintendo Switch Sports has been out for a good few days now and the latest entry to the 'Sports' franchise (yes, it's a franchise now, we say so) has drawn mixed feelings from players, including us.

In our review for the game, we said it was a "charming but barebones offering", highlighting the lack of any unlockables when playing locally, along with a distinct lack of scope to most of the sports on offer. We gave Nintendo Switch Sports a 6/10.

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Nintendo Switch Sports Review (Switch)

Many readers, perhaps somewhat understandably, believe 6/10 to be a particularly bad score - particularly when Nintendo is famous for its consistently high quality - so our delightful video boffins Alex, Zion, and Felix have got together to discuss what such a score really means and why it's the most suitable rating to give Nintendo Switch Sports.

Do we think it was rushed out the door? Check out the video below to find out!

Do you agree with our score for Nintendo Switch Sports? What do you make of the game so far? Let us know in the comments!