Final Fantasy XI
Image: Square-Enix

Long-time Square-Enix producer Shinji Hashimoto - known for his work on the Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts franchises - has announced his formal retirement from the company via a Twitter post.

Translated, the tweet reads:

Thank you everyone. I will retire on May 31st (Tuesday) today. During my tenure, I am very grateful to all of you in various fields. From now on, I would like to support you as a SQUARE ENIX fan. I'm really thankful to you.

Hashimoto's career with Square-Enix extends all the way back to 1995, spanning some of the company's most iconic and successful games. As reported by RPG Site, he is often credited for quietly spawning the Kingdom Hearts franchise, having conspired with a Disney executive to bring the two companies together on a project whilst sharing an office building in Tokyo. He would subsequently go on to work on the entire franchise as either a producer or executive producer.

Some of Hashimoto's other credits include producer roles on Final Fantasy VIII, Final Fantasy IX, and The World Ends With You. He went on to serve as executive producer for the latter's sequel, Neo: The World Ends With You, a role that would prove to be one of his final contributions to the company.

Here at Nintendo Life, we wholeheartedly thank Hashimoto for the work he's put out over the years with Square-Enix and wish him all the best for his retirement years.

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