We're pretty much doing a few rounds at the movies at Two Point Campus! Following last month's Wizardry Course reveal, Two Point Studio has uncovered the next course you'll be able to get your students to enroll in — Spy School.

We say the movies, but let's reiterate something here — Two Point Campus sounds like the kind of school we'd like to go to in real life! Spy School will teach the students how to fly drones, shoot targets accurately, and dodge lasers and crocodiles. Is keeping crocs inside an education building ethical?

Like Wizardry, however, there's a catch — while it might take you a while to be the next 007, Jason Bourne, or George Smiley, you'll still have to sniff out rival agents who have managed to enroll in the course. Expel those suspicious classmates and protect the secrets of the country, and maybe then you'll graduate with flying colours.

Get practicing on your decoding and sneaking skills, as Spy School will be waiting for you when Two Point Campus releases on 9th August on Switch. Let us know what your favourite course or addition is so far!