Sonic the Hedgehog VA
Image: SEGA

It's a busy year for Sonic the Hedgehog, but somehow the blue blur still has time to take questions from his loyal fanbase. In fact, between 25th May and 2nd June, Sega Japan will be taking questions on his behalf (via social media) - allowing fans to ask the VTuber version of him anything they want for a special 'Sonic Speed Q&A', taking place on 24th June on YouTube.

To ask a question, there is a bit of a catch - you'll need to tweet while using the hashtag #音速一問一答. You don't even need to follow the Sonic Official JP Twitter account and you can alternatively submit a question via the official Sonic Channel website. Keep in mind, that Sonic will be responding to these questions in Japanese, he'll likely only respond to questions about himself, and most of his responses will likely be brief.

This latest Q&A follows on from Sonic the Hedgehog officially becoming a VTuber in June last year. Tails, Knuckles, and Amy also got their own VTuber designs, so hopefully, they'll appear in the upcoming Q&A, too. There has also been some Sonic Q&As in English previously, so with any luck, this will continue in 2022.

If you could ask Sonic anything about himself, what would it be? Apart from his upcoming games and recent movie outing, what else are you hoping to see from Sonic the Hedgehog in 2022? Tell us down below.