Nintendo Switch Sports
Image: Nintendo

Update [Tue 3rd May, 2022 03:15 BST]: Unsurprisingly, this isn't an isolated case. It seems there are other Switch users out there who are also not bothering to wear a Joy-Con wrist strap when playing Nintendo Switch Sports. Here's another player who has supposedly smashed their television while playing this new release (via Reddit):

Original story [Sat 30th Apr, 2022 16:30 BST]: Ahead of the release of Nintendo Switch Sports, Nintendo warned players to be careful. Despite this, and less than 24 hours into the game's release, one television has already been on the receiving end of a Joy-Con.

Twitch streamer 63man was live-streaming an online tennis session when he threw the Joy-Con straight into his television. After the incident happened, the streamer joked to chat about sending the clip into the subreddit, Live Stream Fail (via VGC):

“If you don’t send [that clip] to Live Stream Fails I’m actually divorcing this chat,”

As noted, Nintendo has advised all Switch Sports users to wear the wrist strap when playing:

"[For parents] For your safety, please accompany your child when playing "Nintendo Switch Sports". Please be careful not to hit the children playing with each other or hit the Joy-Con on the TV."

"Also, when playing "Nintendo Switch Sports", attach the strap to Joy-Con and lock it, then tighten the stopper so that the strap does not come off your wrist, and squeeze it firmly."

The same sort of scenarios played out during the Wii generation with Wii Sports. Nintendo even upgraded the straps and released plastic jackets for the Wii Remote to soften the blow.

So, yeah - be careful when playing this one...have you been wearing your wrist strap during your Switch Sports sessions? Tell us down below.