Nintendo Switch Sports

Nintendo Switch Sports has almost been out for an entire week now, so we thought we would check in on the Nintendo Life community to see how everyone is getting along with the game.

We're wondering what sport you've played the most so far? If you need a reminder - this six-in-one collection currently includes tennis, bowling, chambara, football (soccer), volleyball and badminton. Golf is also on the way in a future update, but as it hasn't been added yet, we're going to have to, unfortunately, exclude it from this poll in this particular case.

So - tell us, which one have you been working up a sweat in? And while you're at it, tell us your least played sport so far. Vote in our poll and leave a comment down below. Be sure to also check out our extensive coverage of the game so far, including our review, guides, handy tips and much more.

What sport have you played the most in Nintendo Switch Sports?
What is your least played sport in Nintendo Switch Sports?