Mario Strikers Battle League
Image: Nintendo

While Nintendo's western branches are seemingly focused on promoting Nintendo Switch Sports and certain upcoming releases, its homeland (Japan) appears to be really excited about the release of Mario Strikers: Battle League next month.

Last week, Nintendo's Japanese YouTube channel shared an introductory overview trailer - showcasing some gameplay, cinematics, and showing off the character customisation. If that wasn't enough, it now appears to have released the game's full opening cinematic via its social channels:

As we previously mentioned, the Canada-based developer Next Level Games is once again responsible for this latest entry in the Mario Strikers series. Nintendo has also sent the official Mario Strikers: Battle League website live in Japan. It's got a lot of cool artwork worth a look:

What do you think of this latest footage? Will you be picking this one up when it arrives on 10th June? Leave a comment below.